How to know when its time to invest in a new roof in Nuneaton

This is a photo of a Slate roof installation installed in Nuneaton

How to know when its time to invest in a new roof in Nuneaton


A new roof replacement is one of the most significant and pricey home repairs. Although a new roof might last for 60 years, several warning signals suggest you might need one sooner rather than later.

If you’re not sure if it’s time for a new roof, keep these six indicators in mind:

Age of the roof: One of the most frequent causes of roof replacement is simply that the roof has outlived its useful life.

When a roof reaches 60 years old or more, it’s time to consider replacing it. The average tiled roof will last 60 years. 

However, regular maintenance will extend the longevity of your roof overall. That means keeping it clear of trash, such as branches and leaves, and regularly checking it for damage.

Missing Tiles: If any tiles are missing from your roof, that is another indication that it needs to be repaired. Numerous factors, including solid winds or physical harm, may cause this. Whatever the reason, missing tiles expose your roof to leaks and water damage.

Of course, you can replace the lost tiles if only a few exist. It’s preferable to leave the repair to a professional if any tiles are missing or if they’re in a hard-to-reach place.

You might be able to get away with simply replacing the lost tiles in some circumstances. However, a new roof is generally needed if the damage is extensive.

Sagging roof: If you see signs of your roof sagging, it’s time to replace it. A sagging roof is typically the result of structural damage, which can be brought on by several things, including rot, insects, or aging.

Because a sagging roof indicates that your roof can no longer sustain its weight, it is a significant issue. This may result in even graver issues, such as collapse. You should immediately contact a professional if you see signs of a sagging roof.

Additionally, since doing so can be very risky, you should avoid attempting to fix a sagging roof yourself. Once a professional can analyze the problem, stay away from or conceal the location.

Leaks are one of the most obvious indications that your roof needs to be replaced. Your home could sustain significant damage even from a little leak, so getting it fixed right now is crucial.

Unfortunately, underlying issues like deteriorated tiles or poor lead flashing can lead to leaks. For instance, tiles that are missing or damaged may not be able to prevent water damage to your roof. Additionally, if your led flashing is broken, it might not be able to adequately close the cracks surrounding your chimney or vents.

The broken component can usually be repaired or replaced to stop leakage. But simply stopping the leak won’t solve the issue. Before adequately sealing the leak, you must address the underlying problem.

It might also result in other issues like leaks and water damage if you notice that your gutters are blocked. So now is the appropriate moment to have an expert survey your roof. They’ll be able to decide if you need a new replacement roof.

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